Monday, July 26, 2010

10 Things I Don't Own.

Because I've been decluttering a lot lately, I've thought that maybe I should become a minimalist. That is, somebody with very few possessions. A true minimalist tries to keep the items they own below 100.

So I checked out some minimalist blogs. And no, I won't be becoming a minimalist anytime soon - it's just too boring and where would all my vintage and retro lovelies go. No, no, was just too awful to contemplate.

One of the minimalist bloggers did have a list of all the common day items she lives without.

So I thought I'd dedicate this post to some of the items you may have in your home that I don't miss having in mine.

1. If you've been reading this blog before you'll know that I got rid of my microwave about 4 months ago. Do I miss it? Nup.

2. An answering machine. Pictured below is my one and only telephone and it has no provision for an answering machine. And boy does it send some people batty when they can't leave a message. (Hi Natalie)

3. Further to the hating new technology theme is the fact that I don't own an MP3 or Ipod or any other fancy named item. I just find all that stuff so boring. And I still have my walkman. (truly)

4. High heels. Hate them. Used to wear them when I was younger and more convinced I had to have them to be fashionable. But these days it's all about comfort.

5. Pixie Photos. Apologies to anybody who has these photos from K-Mart but I think they are the naffest thing people in Australia decorate their walls with.

6. I used to have a cupboard full of cosmetics and lotions and potions. During the "organic" phase I culled the lot. This is my cosmetic cupboard now. Notice the lovely empty top shelf.

7. A garden bed. We ripped them out and laid the areas with grass. Life's too short for weeds.

8. A noticeboard. I was using the fridge for important notices but now I put everything into my family folder and got rid of the clutter.

9. Electric blankets. I love them and think they are essential items living in the Blue Mountains but unfortunately Bill hates them and as you all know marriage is about compromise.

10. A desk. I had a beautiful old antique desk in my main living area but it was basically just holding the computer and some envelopes so we moved it into my son's room as he wanted a bigger desk and now I do my computer work on a laptop on the lounge. Much comfier and more room in the house for other antiquey things.

My new office

I'd love to hear what common household things you've given up or never invited home in the first place.


Busy mum of 3 said...

I despise inviting 'things' into my house like popcorn makers(use a pot with a lid), foot spas(does anyone ever use them more than once), and hot dog makers(once again a pot does the trick) You name it so many people are sucked into buying whatever gimmick is being marketed to them in any given season, when we usually have the means to do the job sitting in our own cupboards. It's just more clutter, and expense and ultimately landfill!

Linda said...

I have been enjoying your posts. You are more modern than you think, I haven't graduated to a laptop on the couch yet lol.

Linda said...

I have come up with five things. First you have to know what everyone else has lol.

1. Widescreen TV
2. Fax
3. Answering machine
4. ipod (my daughers have them though)
5. Makeup

At my daughter's deb and my high school reunion I wished I had it.

Emma Clark Independent Stampin' Up!® demonstrator said...

Hi Vanessa,
Loving tht you are blogging again so regularly!!! My live without things are a flat screen/lcd/ modern tv, dishwasher, i dont own any gimicky type appliance, and up until the weekend a microwave. I can live without one but my husband cant and whinged so much our lovely neighbours brought him one from a garage sale!!!! No t.v in our bedroom either!. You make good with what you have!!!

Vanessa said...

Oh Emma, I long for the day when the TV is out of the bedroom. I hate it.

Michelle said...

I saw today that you can buy a hot chocolate making machine! It heats up the milk and melts the chocolate, then dispenses it into your mug - another thing no-one needs! What will they think of next?

Vanessa said...

I think they lost it at the cupcake maker. I mean, isn't a bowl and a wooden spoon a cupcake maker?