Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finally - We are on Solar Power.

After about six months of research and 6 months of waiting we finally have some solar panels on our roof. And just in the nick of time too I'd say as the last electricity bill was a shocker (no pun intended).

For the moment we have a 1.5K system installed but will look at adding more panels at a later date. They estimate that we will reduce our electricity bill by one third. I'll let you know if that's the case when we get our next electricity bill.

It's so satisfying to finally have achieved one of our biggest goals but don't worry I'm still all about the little things as well.

August Challenge - Getting Started

The challenge has really spurred me on to get myself moving. Tonight I am cooking another new dish - Peanut Crusted Chicken (pic tomorrow - just to prove I actually did it). 6 new meals to go.

I've also planted two new little colourful plants out on the craft cupboard today. So only 6 to go now here as well.

And one cupboard in the laundry done. Not really sure what this cupboard is meant to be used for. It has some photo albums, stationery and my small but growing collection of stamp stuff. I actually managed to cull 2 bags full of stuff from this cupboard. Yes, I have been ruthless. 7 draws or cupboards to go.

Only a small post today to let you know how I am travelling. Hope you all are having a great week also.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Xmas in July

Well we just squeezed in a Xmas in July before August got here. We decided to hold the night at my house - hoping for some very cold Wintery weather - maybe some snow....hahaha.

I didn't put the tree up - no, that would have been insane even for me! Just a few 5 minute decorating bits and pieces to jolly the place up.

A wonderful friend of mine, Natalie did the nibblies plate with a very definite Xmas theme.

We allowed the kids one present each under $10.

One of the presents included some stickers which Rhianna and Sarra put to good use. Bill had drunk enough wine to think it quite amusing.

The next morning we headed up to Katoomba hoping to see some snow. Bill and I have also purchased some land just past the Blue Mountains and wanted to go and have a look at it to see where we could build. No, we are not moving...just creating a little weekend get away place.

The girls came in our car - and the night before festivities had caught up with them by about 10am. But what a peaceful drive up the mountain it was with these two sleeping beauties in the back.

No snow at Katoomba unfortunately but we did all get to ride down the dirt road to the new property in the back of the ute. Of course some adults had to ride along as well for safety reasons. The kids loved it.

So for the August challenge I have already cooked one new meal - Roast pork Belly on Cider braised cabbage with apple - as my Yuletide dinner. And visited one new place - the property at Rydal.

Only the 1st of August and I'm on a roll already.