Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Challenge - Getting Started

The challenge has really spurred me on to get myself moving. Tonight I am cooking another new dish - Peanut Crusted Chicken (pic tomorrow - just to prove I actually did it). 6 new meals to go.

I've also planted two new little colourful plants out on the craft cupboard today. So only 6 to go now here as well.

And one cupboard in the laundry done. Not really sure what this cupboard is meant to be used for. It has some photo albums, stationery and my small but growing collection of stamp stuff. I actually managed to cull 2 bags full of stuff from this cupboard. Yes, I have been ruthless. 7 draws or cupboards to go.

Only a small post today to let you know how I am travelling. Hope you all are having a great week also.


Debra K said...

Well done Vanessa, you've made a great start.....

August Kenza said...

I wish I could throw that much stuff away. I am a pack rat and I have a hard time parting with anything. Everything has a memory or a possible future use when I attempt to throw them away. So I just end up with clutter!