Monday, December 6, 2010

In the Post today....

Hello lovely ladies (and Dad :: I think he's the only man to read this blog).

Continuing on with "lovely goodness arriving on my doorstep" theme, I have two lovely little tidbits to show you today.

This is a reusable sandwich wrap (purchased from Etsy).

I'm sure most of you have seen these by now.

And I would have attempted to make my own except you have to be quite careful about what you use as the interior fabric - it has to be something that can be used next to food.

I bought two so I could have one wrapped around Rhianna's sandwich and the other in the wash. open it up. The inside is food grade nylon. Place sandwich or snack in the centre.....

Fold in two sides. They velcro shut.

Fold in the remaining two sides. And again, they velcro shut. The sandwich is now wrapped and ready for the lunch box. No more Gladwrap. And then when they come home, you just pop in the wash...brilliant.

Also today I received this lovely card, letter and photograph from a girl I used to teach with 10 years ago ( I can't believe it's been that long) We had classrooms next to each other and became good friends.

Although we live quite a distance from each other now, she never fails to send me a catch up letter each year with what she's been up to.

Obviously from the photo, you can see she's been quite busy in the reproduction area. Thanks Tamara, your thoughtfulness really made my day.

Now, I must get back to that ironing...........

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea for sandwiches.

This year, I began to use paper wrap instead of cling wrap on my daughter's lunches.

I hardly every use cling wrap anymore.