Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday Catch-Up

I know, I know, such a long time between drinks but I have such a good excuse.

Umm, I've been busy????

With this delicious Autumn weather I've been crafting and cooking up a storm and just too darn tired to blog about it all.

We've had a fair few days out and some parties to attend which have been lovely but also quite tiring.

So here are a few snapshots of what we have been doing.

A visit to the Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour. I love, love, love living as close as I do to Sydney and often take the train in to be a tourist in my own city.

Here I am on the destroyer at the museum playing Captain.
The weather has been so lovely, often you will find Bill and I on a Saturday afternoon sitting on the lounge outside in the sun drinking wine, eating cheese and crackers and reading the weekend newspapers. Ahh, true bliss!!!!

We had the Easter Hat Parade at school - enough said.

I've completed a little project in Rhianna's room.

I bought this chair at a garage sale from a good friend of mine. It was just a basic wooden chair.

I've this week added a bit of life to the old girl using blue spray paint and some stick on white dots.

Just have to finish off with a layer of varnish.

And finally my cooking masterpiece of the week so far - a Brandy Honey Swiss Roll.

I've never made a cake where you had to roll it up before so I was quite nervous but what fun this was to make.

It turned out perfectly, was so easy and tasted divine.

More to come later.
Have a great weekend everybody.


Busy mum of 3 said...

Ooh I love that chair, what fun. In all my cooking experience I have never made a roll up cake either, I must give it a go sometime. Good to see a post from you :)

Libby said...

Well I can forgive you not blogging more frequently but it's simply not acceptable that you didn't share the recipe for that swiss roll. It looks delicious and I need to make one ASAP :-).

Vanessa said...

recipe to follow Libby.

Vanessa said...

Why aren't you blogging any more vanessa

Kristi said...

I hope all is well Vanessa as you aren't blogging, i know you may not have had time, but i just wanted to say i miss seeing your posts & i hope to see you soon :)