Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last day of the School Holidays

I have to say, I limped to the finish line of these school holidays (hangs head in shame).

This unrelenting bad weather has almost seen me lose my mind.

Luckily I had some "stuff" put aside for just such a hair-pulling day.

I'd previously purchased some very good maths resources from MTA and shoved them in a cupboard till a day when we really needed something to entertain us.

These weighing scales and cuisenaire rods really fit the bill today.

We had a lovely couple of hours mucking around with them. And the best bit? Rhianna was actually learning some stuff. And there was no glitter, glue or paint involved. I mean, I love my craft as much as the next girl. But honestly, if I had to glue another pom pom onto anything I would have screamed!!!!

Then, I kid you not, I played hide and seek, colouring in, shops, make-overs and did the grocery shopping.

I'm exhausted.

But I try to cherish every second with my girl because I know how quickly this time will pass and I want to store as many beautiful memories as I can.

The cuisenaire rods came with a little booklet with math activities to try. Today was all about exploring them and having fun but this book may give us some direction for future activities.

Love how colourful the rods are.

Because I'm tired and feeling lazy tonight, I decided to fill the rest of this post with my recent op shop finds.

I scored some good stuff up at the op shops near Mum at Toukley.

Toukley is a little town on the Central Coast of NSW full of retirees, so it just makes sense that the op shops there are top notch as much new stock comes in daily.

First up, a genuine Nally 1960's biscuit barrel in mint condition - $7. Bargain.

A 1960's yellow vase - $12.

Handpainted cream and sugar set - This was for my vintage sideboard. ($2)

Another cute little ceramic Japanese deer - $3.

I now have three in my "collection". Who knew collecting was so much fun?

Tomorrow Rhianna is back to school and the big clean up begins.


Busy mum of 3 said...

I'm hearing you loud and clear, a very long and wet school holidays indeed!

Enchanted Moments said...

ooh Bambis, I collect these for my girls too....and yes, three is definately a collection..

Steven Cox said...

Nice Nally Barrel find, my Mum had one and lots of homes had them in different colours when I grew up in the 70's! I'm hoping to secure a yellow one this week. Follow me on in a few weeks when I'm up and running to share your finds!