Monday, December 12, 2011

Crazy Christmas Time

It's getting crazy busy here and I bet it is at your place too.

Packages are arriving daily as I did most of my shopping online this year.

We have come to love seeing the courier and the postman cross our driveway.

For a bit of sustainable shopping there is nowhere on the planet like Etsy. If you have no idea

what Etsy is, well I'm afraid there is just no hope for you. Etsy is THE place for retro, recycled,

homemade and vintage loveliness.

Here is a crocheted afghan I received last week.

You know I am mad and obsessed with crochet so I couldn't wait till Christmas Day I had to

have it out and proud on my lounge today.

On Saturday we did a spot of fashion designing. Rhianna created the designs for her new bear

and I assisted with the sewing up of said creations. I LOVE that she loves craft the way I do.

Please notice the bears' earrings. Red felt hearts. Bet you want some now too right?

Is everybody eating as many cherries as we are at the moment?

One of my best friends came for a visit Saturday night. Here are the kids swapping presents

beside the tree. Then we all went out for dinner which made a nice change from eating in - and

so much less clean up. I might make it the new tradition.

Bill got a bit creative with the rope lights this year next to the pool. It says "LOVE" in case you

are having trouble deciphering.

Probably a good time to mention how much I love that man. Too, too beautiful for words.

And also from Etsy some Pyrex dishes. Just the orange ones, the white ones are from local op shops.

If there is anything more retro than orange pyrex I am yet to find it.


Libby said...

It's certainly a busy time of year isn't it. I'm finally finished with the school uniforms so I can relax a little now :-). Love the blanket and the orange pyrex (cute flowers on it).

Libby said...

Oh, and I love the LOVE in lights - so sweet.

Shangri La said...

Hi I love the idea of avoiding the shops and have bought a few things online including from but I cannot figure out Etsy - how do you at Australia only? Just when I think i have changed the settings I find stuff I like but in the ESA???

Vanessa said...

Hi Shangri-La. I buy things mainly from the States as they have such a great variety of items. The postage is crazy but I have to weigh up how much I want the item. To search just in you own country there is a search button on the left hand side of the screen. But it only comes up when you are searching for a specific item for example if you type in "retro bags" into the search bar.