Saturday, December 3, 2011


Back to the land of the living today - but only just.

The surgery went well but it does tend to knock you around a bit.

I spent yesterday in bed recovering but have managed to get up and about today for a bit of pottering around the house.

Most importantly I had a very nice, long warm shower.

Then off to the kitchen for a coffee and a bit of a read of the paper.

Bill has taken Rhianna and one of her little friends out for the day so I can have some quiet time to recover.

He got the bed sorted for me before he left so I could crawl back in if I need to - bless him.

But I have a little bit of energy, and I do mean a very little bit so I decide to wrap Rhianna's teacher's Christmas present.

I collect some supplies, paper bag, cardstock, paper doily, vintage yoyo and a button.

I cut a circle of cardstock. Sew the yoyo to the doily and glue the whole lot to the paper bag.

Do the same on the back but instead of a yoyo I sew on a large pink love heart button.

Inside the paperbag I have a couple of things made by my friend Emma.

Some lovely papergoods that all teachers love to receive.

After putting them in the bag though, they look a bit meagre so I'll buy a box of chocolates through the week to pad it out a bit.

A nice little Xmas bow to finish things off.

Back to bed now for a little midday sleep.

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Libby said...

Glad to hear you're doing okay. Love the bag - so cute.