Sunday, June 13, 2010

Landscaping and Lemon Divas

What a beautiful Queen's Birthday Weekend. Such perfect weather. All the better to landscape in. Not me of course....oh no... I mean other people. We have what I like to call "a dog's breakfast of a backyard" and we are trying to very gradually turn it into at least a dogs dinner.

On Saturday all these ugly tiles came up and lots of earth put in its place. Tomorrow the lawn arrives. I'll do an udpated shot when the project is complete.

The dinner party went well on Saturday and it was lovely to see old friends again - especially those with a small baby that I get to cuddle. The massaman curry was divine. It's an easy recipe and it's in this months SFI if you'd like to try it.

Today we finally got around to those Masterchef Lemon Diva Cupcakes. The best bit? Playing with the piping bag.
The taste test
We decorated in Socceroo colours to try and lift our spirits after our demoralising defeat by Germany. Have to say that the icing was a bit much for us - we scraped most of it off whilst eating. It overwhelmed the cake a bit.

Now I'm off for a long relaxing bath as I've just found some dried up icing in my eyebrow.

Have a nice week everybody.


libby said...

Hi Vanessa,

Can't wait to see how the backyard comes along. We had one of those yards in our first house. It's all worth it when it's finished and looking just how you want it.
And the cupcakes look good even if they didn't taste as good as hoped.


Pauline said...

mmmmmmm! These look soooooo yummy! Thanks so much for leaving a comment at my blog! Nice to know there are others out there that have to travel for hospital visits "O) and I know their are others that travel MUCH further than we have to. Loving your blog!
and blessings