Sunday, June 6, 2010

Op Shop Opportunities

Some days I am in the mood to op shop and other days I just can't be asked to poke my head in. And similarly, sometimes my visits are rewarded and sometimes they are a complete waste of time - like a lot of other things in my life (crochet anybody?)

In the last few weeks I've found these couple of bargains:

I've been hunting and stalking Ebay for some vintage tapestries and I really wanted some vintage rose tapestries. Well, what did I spy in my local cancer support Oppy. These 2 beauties - just sitting on the wall waiting for me to grab them. $10 each. Bill later remarked he wouldn't have paid 10 cents for the two of them. But that's a different matter. He kindly put them on the bedroom wall for me. And ohhhh I do love them.

In the next op shop along the way, I found this gem of a book - full of everything a young girl needs to know - if she was living in 1972 which I very happily was thank you. What a trip down memory lane.
And in the same oppy, this vintage eiderdown. It had a few suspicious looking stains but I took a gamble and parted with a whole $5 to own it. Napisaned it overnight and there you go. More vintage loveliness for the little persons room.

And finally I have worked out the cause of my almost constant headaches. At the age of almost 42 my eyes are failing me. Although goodness knows how many books these poor eyes have had to read over the years. I guess it was high time that they had a little help. And the up side is that Bill thinks I look like a librarian and he's very attracted to librarians. So my glasses are a success in more ways than one.

Have a great week.


libby said...

Hi Vanessa,

LOVE the glasses. You certainly had lots of great finds at the op-shop. One day I'll have to come visit and do the rounds with you. I love the concept of op shops but aren't very comfortable in them.


Debbie said...

Your glasses look good on you.
That book I can remember getting out the library when in primary school and dreaming of the horse I wish I had and never got :0)
You find some wonderful things in op shops.

Vanessa said...

Libby, I feel that way in op shops too sometimes but I console myself by finding some great bargains.

Linda said...

I'm happy for you about your glasses!

Angela said...

Yeah, my husband went nuts over my reading glasses too. I was 45 and went to the doctor with headaches, with no clue that I might need reading glasses. My regular vision was still perfect, so I had no idea that almost everyone has to start wearing reading glasses in their 40s. But once I got them, I was SO happy.

Love the girls' book.