Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick Update

I've been quite busy lately so sorry about the lack of posts.

I have had to reapply to the Department of Education in order to be able to teach in schools again so that has been a time consuming and tedious process involving much paperwork.

I've also become a Curious Kids demonstrator. It's a party plan business, which I know makes a lot of people groan but I was finding it harder and harder to find good quality educational toys and games for Rhianna.

This company has fab stuff ,not like anything that is in the stores and a lot of it is wooden which I love.

In fact one of the toys, I have to say is one of the best toys/games I have ever seen. It's called Camelot. Have a look for it on the website:


Wish me luck, I am having my first party tomorrow night.


Sammy :0) said...

Good luck! I know my first Partylite show was very nerveracking! Just be yourself and let the product sell itself.

Jan said...

All the best for your Curious Kids party.
We are in the Blue Mountains now, will be here till end of week.
Have a great week.

Pauline said...

Oh dear! You are going to think I am nuts with the misguided comment I left on an earlier post! I "popped" over here when I saw your blog on another blog - the person who DID leave the comment at my blog. PLEASE forgive me for being so inane!!! But I am glad I popped over! And all the very best with that party!!