Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fete Nights and Fabric Love

I'm finding it really hard to keep up my challenge of posting every day. I find that as the weather gets cooler I get more energetic. That means I get out and about a bit more and less time sitting on the lounge blogging away. The house has also been quite neglected of late and I have had to start doing some "in depth" housework. Let's just say that if Halloween was tomorrow I wouldn't need any fake cobwebbing to decorate.

Last Friday night it was my turn to host the fete stall craft night. You might recall that earlier in the year I put my hand up to organise the craft stall at our school fete. Unfortunately not many parents from the school have donated craft items at this time so we are busy making our own.

Once a month one of the "crafty" mums hosts the craft evening and we all get together for some laughs and crafts. Hey, that rhymes!

It was my turn on Friday night and as I have a small ( I like to call it cute) house it was quite a feat to fit us all in but we managed. Here is one of the tables of ladies fueled up on wine and water and ready to go.

Here are 2 examples of what we managed to create. They are the cardstock notepads that I have shown you earlier in the year. They are like a portfolio and open up to reveal a notepad, calendar and some sticky notes.

Some more samples. We all love the one on the left made by the lovely Julie Johnson. Has such a retro feel. I think that one might get purchased before it gets to the craft stall.

I also received some lovely new fabric last week from Ebay. It is an Alexander Henry fabric called "Children of the World". I just fell in love with it. It has rows of children holding hands in a variety of traditional customs and dress.

I covered the large canvas above Rhianna's desk with the fabric and rehung it. It was time for some new fabric anyway. Such a cheap and easy way to add some joy to a little person's room don't you think? Have a great week everybody.

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Emma Clark Independent Stampin' Up® demonstrator said...

Love all the folders they looked so good. All the ladies did a fab job!!
That fabric you got is so cute and what a clever idea to put it in Miss R's room!!!