Saturday, February 19, 2011

Overdue Update

Well I know the posts are getting few and far between now. I guess I feel it's because I don't have a lot going on at the moment. But here are a few random things I have been doing and thinking about the past week.

The thing taking up most of my thought processes is Rhianna's education.

Last year she had a brilliant teacher and I was resting easy about her learning. This year I am not so sure.

Rhianna is in a Year 2/3 composite. She is in the year 2 portion of the class ( the minority). That is not the problem however. It's the teacher I'm afraid. I didn't really "warm" to her when I first met her but hey, I figured I don't have to like everybody!!!!

No, it's a couple of other things - like the fast finisher work that she has given Rhianna - it's basic Kindergarten stuff. Laziness or bad teaching - not sure yet!

Then the other day Rhianna came home and she had wet her pants!

After much prompting and crying she told me that her teacher said if the kids go to the toilet during class time then they have to "make up" the time at recess and lunch.

So basically, a detention for having to go to the toilet. These kids are 7 and 8 years old. Not only had she wet her pants but she was too afraid to tell the teacher and had sat on the bus all the way home in soaked pants.

Of course I was furious.

I went up to see this teacher and asked her outright if this was her "toileting policy".

Well, yes she said. After all she said, she can't go to the toilet during class so why should she let the children? Well, ummm, because you're an adult with a few years more practice with bladder control than a 7 year old! Because you have the cognition to understand that you have to use the toilet when you have the chance!

So I told her that Rhianna was to be able to go to the toilet 20 times a day if she needed to and she was never to be kept in during recess or lunch unless a phone call was made to me to explain why.

Gosh, I have rambled on a bit here haven't I.

I actually started this post to tell you about the home schooling I intend to start with Rhianna. I am not pulling her out of school or anything (yet) but I am going to be focusing more on her literacy and numeracy at home.

We have been doing a lot more shared reading at home. I noticed she had slid backwards with her reading over the Christmas holidays.

We've been borrowing these Aussie Nibblies books from the library.

We've also started on some basic grammar work and maths.

Align CenterWhen I was teaching year 2 (many moons ago) I recall money and time being the two most difficult concepts to cover in maths so we've started on money for this week.

We set up a little shop at home with her toys and priced them accordingly. Rhianna then has to "buy" something and create the exact amount of money with the notes and coins available to her. During the week I intend to make it progressively harder.

The Sunday Shop

The Sunday float

The weekend is the perfect time to sit around and do these activities but unfortunately it seems that Rhianna is never home. Yesterday a bowling birthday party and today a play date.

I wish I had her life sometimes.


Busy mum of 3 said...

A teacher can make or break a child that is for sure. If it continues can she change class? You are doing the best by your daughter by aiding her learning at home, it's making the best out of a bad situation. I feel sorry for the other kids in the class whose parents may not have the time or the inclination to teach them at home. What a fantastic idea the mini shop is! I'm going to have to steal that one!

Debbie said...

Yes I agree about a teacher affecting a childs schooling for many years to come. I had a few run-ins with teachers when my boys were at school and It can be hard for them. Lucky my boys were not affected too much by some of these teachers.

Libby said...

You know Ness, you'd do great at home schooling. Poor Rhinanna. We had a similar problem with Amy in first class. The teacher wouldn't let them go to the toilet within 30mins of the bell going. Of course, that meant Amy often wet herself and she had to stay in her wet pants and we then had to drive home - which at the time took about 20mins. Luckily when I spoke to her teach she was good about it and just had Amy approach her quietly when she needed to go and the teacher would let her. Hope Rhianna's teacher is good about it. I think the problem teachers have is lots of kids, esp. boys using going to the toilet to get out of work (this was our case) - which is not at all fair for the kids who do the right thing.

Kristi said...

We are very lucky to love the school that our little girl goes to.Each child is taught to their own level, tested one on one each term to see were their at. Children are not just a number but are seen as individuals.
I'd like to thankyou for stoping by my blog & have read a few of your older posts & your right we are very simlar there. You are deffinatly going on my sidebar :)

Vanessa said...

thanks Kristi - much appreciated. Will add you to mine also.