Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday 5th February 2011

A slow start to the day. Boy, the heat was amazing this morning. I went for a very quick walk before a swim to cool off.

Bill took Rhianna up to register for netball. This will be the first year she has played. One of Rhianna's friends asked her to join up and they will be in the same team together. Here she is in her netball uniform - she is so excited.

Then we headed down to Castle Hill for a BBQ at a friends home. Julie and I went to high school together. She has two girls, one of which is the same age as Rhianna. They played in the pool all day, only getting out to have lunch.

Julie and I.

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Libby said...

Good times with good friends. Def. a good way to spend the day with the weather we've been having.