Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday 27th February

Today we decided to have a day out with Van and Reynold. Reynold and Bill are business partners and Van and I are their long suffering wives who have to endure the late nights, the filthy work clothes and the endless talk about industrial chemistry.

We try to get together socially as much as possible as the kids love to spend time together and I love to go anywhere with Van as she is such a foodie.

Today we headed to Cabramatta for some Yum Cha.

Van of course, knows the best place to go. The food is plentiful and some of it is very interesting - chicken feet anybody????

Van talks through each dish as it comes out. What this woman does not know about food is not worth knowing.

The kids are great - trying almost everything.

After lunch we go for a gourmet tour around Cabramatta. Van shows me where the best places are for fruit, veg and fish.

The kids are bored stupid doing this of course and look around for anything that could be considered a playground. Unfortunately, there is only a horse statue to climb - oh well, any port in a storm.

After a quick trip to the most amazing bakery - we load up with treats and head back to Van's house to have them with a coffee. A fantastic day.

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