Monday, April 25, 2011

Day at the Museum

With the weather being very ordinary on this Anzac long weekend we decided to head out for the day.

We needed somewhere indoor, interesting and hopefully not too crowded.

The Australian Museum in the city seemed like a good choice.

We caught the train in, as it's way cheaper and more convenient than trying to find parking and arrived at the Museum around 11am.

The dinosaur exhibition is the big draw card at the museum.

Rhianna wanted to see what it was like to pick the nose of the giant wombat - she's all class my girl!

We voted this guy the dinosaur we would most like as a pet.

The great thing about the Museum is all the interactive stuff they have for the kids.

The photo below is Rhianna using a gigantic interactive table about sea creatures.

When you touch certain areas of the table, animals would appear and then describe them in very simple text.

Rhianna is touching a blue ringed octopus.

The computer programs are popular too. There was no waiting time to use anything so we definitely came on a good day.

There was a drawing area for the kids to learn how to draw tree frogs.

Rhianna came away with a really good picture.

Not to mention all the exercise we got walking around and riding the exercise bike.

The bike demonstrates how your skeleton works when you ride a bike.

It really was a fabulous day out with us not arriving home till after dark.

If you live near Sydney or are visiting soon, I highly recommend it.

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