Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Back

Hello there everybody.

Bet you thought I'd given up my blogging.

Well yes, it does get a bit hard sometimes to keep up the updates. especially lately with so much going on.

I'm currently visiting with my parents on the Central Coast (of NSW) as my Dad has had a cancer diagnosis. At this stage it is only a small area and was treatable but we are unsure of the long term prognosis. I've been spending some time them during this stressful time.

Of course there are the usual limitations on my time and sanity such as the school holidays and Easter descending rapidly upon us but we've managed to keep ourselves occupied in quite crafty ways.

Now usually, I like the loungeroom to look like this.....

But during the school holidays it looks like this on most days.
I knitted this small throw for Rhianna in under a week using the biggest knitting needles I've ever seen and using 2 balls of wool at once to knit with.

It's so unbelievably soft and snuggly. And the colours are just divine to look at. Sitting on Miss Rhianna's lap is Chloe, the newest addition to our family. And so appropriately Easter themed don't you think?

This is my current table arrangement. Roses have been so cheap lately I've taken to buying myself a bunch each week. And those little cupcakes are a project I found in a childrens craft book (very much my level).
So cute to make, and then Rhianna arranged them on a plate to try and trick Bill.

Some paper chain just because we had cardboard, a stapler and a small bored child last week.

Some Easter decorating. The bunny stand in the middle of the mantle needs some Easter eggs to complete it.... will happen at the end of the week I think when the Easter bunny visits (wink, wink)
There was an Easter bonnet to be made as the school has outsourced this project this year to already stressed school holiday parents. Nice of them really.....

Some lovely British bunting arrived in the post last week. I am in love with all things British at the moment and Kate and Wills are getting married soon so it's all entirely appropriate to my way of thinking.

And finally.... a mother and daughter first sewing project - 2 little chicks - just in time for Easter. Rhianna made the pink one . Such lovely little softies.

So as you can see we are right back in the thick of the crafting thing. Winter weather tends to jolt me back into action in that regard. Lots more WIP (works in progress) to display soon.


Debbie said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad ....hope he is well soon.
The knitted blanket looks so soft and warm.

Busy mum of 3 said...

Good to see you back...I've had 'Green ness' withdrawals (LOL). Love the rug, I hope your daughter realises just how lucky she is to have a mum who spends so much time with her, very precious memories being created there. So many craft ideas, you should run classes! Hope your dad is feeling better soon.

Vanessa said...

thanks for your lovely comments Busy Muum of 3 and Deb. I'm so glad to see that I haven't lost all my readers during my slackness.

Libby said...

Wow you have been busy. Everything looks wonderful but that throw is just to die for. I hope you find some time to give some more detailed instructions - pretty please :-).