Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Friday

Last week we all bit the bullet and took out a family membership at a local gym.

Two of the great things about the gym we joined is that they welcome kids and they have a squash court. We now play a family game every Thursday night.

Here are Bill and Rhianna warming up.

We play a game called racquetball which has bigger racquets than squash and a bouncy ball. It is tonnes of fun and we are all getting very good at serving and returning. We play for an hour and even our son Broc comes along to participate.

This is me about to serve.

Rhianna has picked the game up very quickly. She's sleeping well on Thursday nights now.

We tried out a new dessert tonight with a distinctive Easter flavour.

We took a chocolate egg, knocked the top off and placed it in an egg cup. We filled it full of custard to represent the "googy" part of the egg and added a scotch finger biscuit snapped in half to represent the "toast".

Can you tell this was a Rhianna creation?

Finally a very quick craft project :: can you guess what this is........

It's a flower pen of course.

Wrap some florist tape around a pen.

Superglue a flower in the top and bob's your uncle.

Did you notice the plasticine pen holder Rhianna has made especially to house it?

Today was a very lazy Good Friday.

I'm a big fan of Art House film and love anything in this genre that is French. Today I watched this French movie called The Hedgehog. It's loosely translated from the book The Elegance of the Hedgehog which I've bought to take on the plane with me to NY.

What a beautiful film. I was in bliss watching this, eating dark chocolate and drinking a red wine.

Have a great Easter.

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