Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happiness Project

February Review

I don't know if you remember or not, but Feb was the month I was supposed to work on my relationship with my husband as part of my Happiness project.

More specifically I was to:

::Quit nagging

::Not expect praise or appreciation

::Fight right

::No dumping my troubles on him

::Give proofs of love

OK, I'll address these one at a time.

Firstly I asked Bill what I nagged him about. He replied that I never nag him and that's why he married me. Too easy!!!!

Expecting praise. I do like the family to thank me for making them dinner. They are all really good at this. Other than that I don't really expect praise and if I did I've got a feeling I'd be sorely disappointed.

Fight Right. I hate to say this but Bill and I rarely fight. The last time we had a fight was in October last year. I remember because we were on our Adelaide holiday and we were having a fight in the car in the middle of a hail storm. So this month I didn't have to fight right because there were no fights.

No dumping my problems on him. Yep, I do this all the time I'm afraid. Even the trivial stuff. This month I tried not too. I had an "altercation" with an Ebay buyer and I was furious. I tried so hard to hold it in and not tell Bill. Finally I had to wake him up in the middle of the night and vent about this buyer as I just couldn't sleep. So no, I failed at this task.

Give proofs of love. I think I failed at this too. I didn't "do" Valentine's day.
But I do make him coffee every morning when I get up. I do pick up all his dirty laundry from the floor. I do everything that involves the kids so he can relax when he gets home from work and I do all his posting, banking and errand running for the business.
I personally think this qualifies as proof of my love but I did not do any overt proofs.

Bill and I do have a great marriage. We are totally in sync with each other and understand each other pretty well. He is my best friend as I am his .There really wasn't a whole lot to work on this month as I am blissfully happy in my marriage. I don't know how Bill feels about our marriage but hey, this is MY Happiness project not his :)

March in the happiness project is all about Work.

Since I rarely work I will have to bend the recommendations to suit the work I do at home.

The main parts of the quest are:

:: Launch a blog. (Gee, I'm already ahead on March aren't I?)

::Enjoy the fun of Failure.

:: Ask for help.

:: Work smart.

:: Enjoy now.

I'll read this chapter, implement the changes and let you know how I go.


Busy mum of 3 said...

What a lucky couple you both are, to have each other. My husband and I have a very similar relationship, despite some ups and downs over the years we stuck it out because the foundation of our relationship is a strong friendship, we are best mates. What a blessing. Ba Humbug to Valentines Day anyway, commercialised nonsense. I am much more appreciative of a bunch of flowers out of the blue just because he was thinking of me.

Vanessa said...

Thanks BMO3. yep, it's always the unexpected gifts that mean the most.