Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coughs, Colds and Craft

It's an absolute cough and cold fest in this house at the moment. I'm still as sick as a dog, Bill is on the improve and Rhianna, whilst sick, refuses to acknowledge the discomfort and phlegm in case she should have to miss anything - like parties or trips to the playground.

The only two not suffering are my two lovely boys below.

Nothing like a bit of pottering and a bit of craft to lift your spirits (or send you mad) when you are down. I had planned these activities for Rhianna anyway. They just took a bit longer to do with one hand making paper flowers and the other hand stuck inside a tissue box.

We used magazines and odd craft papers to cut out and assemble petals which we then stuck onto pencils rolled in greeny paper to represent stems. I admit its not brain surgery but i's all I could manage craft wise when I am this sick.

I'd bought these doilies a while back, for what purpose I did not know. Sometimes I just buy things for the shape or colour or cuteness factor and I figure I'll think of something to do with them eventually. Today we dyed them using food colouring - very messy business that was.

Then strung them up garland style in the dining room

I've been looking at a few blogs lately with various ladies talking about their "creative" spaces.
They are all visions of loveliness and organisation. Unfortunately my house has no room for a seperate creative space, believe me I've tried numerous times to create one. But short of the children leaving home there is no room left at the inn for such selfish ideals as "one's own space".

But then I realised that my dining room and my kitchen are my creative space. I live in my creative space every day. I blog on the lounge, I cook in the kitchen, we eat that creation of food in the dining room. And then we clear the table to craft.

The whole area is a creative space. And for some reason that little thought cheered me up immensely. I am a simple soul.


libby said...

Love the garland. It looks great in your creative space :-). I've got DH with the man flu and I've got a sore throat (which had better not get any worse). Take care and I hope you feel better soon.


Vanessa said...

Thanks Libby

Cass said...

Love the garland! So bright and colourful!
We are a household of sickness here too. Hope your family all recover quickly.