Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Quiet Week (so far)

I've been a bit quiet on the blog this week as there really is not a lot to tell. I've had to catch up on a lot of household tasks that had sort of gotten behind with all the creative stuff we've been doing and the not so creative stuff like sitting on our bums watching telly when I should be ironing.

But its lovely to have the fire on now. Not during the day yet but around 4pm when that sun starts to drop, on goes the fire. It's not a real fire. Its one of those gas ones that looks like it has actual logs in it. All the heat without the mess. And I like to call it the fire as it makes me feel all English countryside.

When not watching the TV, I've been curled up on the sofa or better still off to my bed with some delicious reading and even more delicious chocolate. I'll worry about the calorie fallout from this activity in spring.
Our craft stall for the school fete is coming along nicely. We've had one craft night already where a bunch of us Year One Mums got together to make some stock for the stall.

Meanwhile another crafty Mum - Emma, has been busy making these - bookmarks. I've already snapped up 2, for Miss R and myself. And I've put it into my new book purchase. It's a second hand book - and has some great articles in it. A lot of them were written in the 1950's. So much has changed since the 1950's but not the fundamental things that make up feel happy and content so this book still feels relevant.

Bill has bought me home 2 bunches of flowers already this week. I don't know whether I should be elated or suspicious. Hmmm.......

Love the colour of these

And last weekend Rhianna asked for a blog of her own. Broc was kind enough to set one up for her.

I don't suspect she'll have many followers. l mean how many people want to know what's happening in the local school playground. But I figure the writing and typing is all good literacy experience.

Here she is busily blogging away before school this morning.

Hope your week is a little more exciting than mine.


Sammy :0) said...

Enjoy your flowers, I hinted to hubby that it was high time he bought me some and then on mothers day I asked him to pick up a bunch for mum thinking he might just might bring home some for me too....I thought wrong :p

I think its great that Miss R wants her own blog, kids need to be well versed in the art of technology these days and it will only help her. I would love to let my miss b (5) read it :0) should help her with her reading skills.

That book looks great, look forward to reading more of your blog :0)

Michelle said...

Hi Ness, Glad to hear you are enjoying the week. Miss R and Miss G should swap blog addresses! See you soon, MW x

Vanessa said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Sammy. I really enjoy reading them.

Emma said...

Hi Vanessa, Bookmark looks good. I have never thought to let Lili blog, have to look into that, could be very interesting!!!!
I'll have to get miss r's blog address off you so we can follow her to!!
Take care Em xx

libby said...

Sounds like a lovely week - I love Country Living - just bought it and Country Homes & Interiors - my two splurges :-).
You'll have to let me know Rhianna's blog address so I can visit.