Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hooray for Autumn

Well autumn is well and truly here judging by the temperature this morning around 7am. But I am not complaining. I am loving it. How can I not be happy with the cooler weather, the start of Term 2 at school and this beautiful view out my dining room window.

However life is pretty ordinary around here lately. Much of the sameness day in and day out.

Not a lot new and exciting to blog about I am afraid. The weather has had my thoughts turning to more and more craft projects. If only I could stay awake longer at night time to start any of them.

I find the cooler weather sees me climbing into bed around 8pm with Miss Rhianna to knit and read books. We cuddle up together and most of the time my lovely hubby will bring us down some hot chocolates to lush around in bed with. Who wants to sit hunched over a sewing machine when you can be doing that instead?

But I did manage to drag old Bertha (the sewing machine) out for a little sew up of the knitting squares yesterday.

Does anybody but me (and my friend Julie) remember a magazine out a few years ago called Family Circle? Well it went out of circulation because only tragics like me were buying it. It was a very family oriented magazine with lots of parenting articles, craft and cooking. Since all that home stuff is currently back in vogue, I should not have been surprised to see its reappearance at the newsagents yesterday. Oh Joy......

And inside a very tempting new knitting project for me to get started on.

And finally I get started on some cooler weather cooking. I wonder if you can guess what is on the menu for tonight? One of my favourites with some crusty bread rolls from the bakery.

Keep your beanies and scarves handy today.


Michelle said...

ooh, looks good - I remember my mum buying family circle years ago!

Debbie said...

I loved family circle too and they have been bringing them out every now and then.....not sure if it is now quarterly or just special occasions, but glad it is back :0)

Vanessa said...

Yes, Debbie, I have seen it out occassionally too. I wish it would come back monthly.

libby said...

Didn't even realize Family Circle had stopped being published. I did see it the other day and it looked good - so I couldn't remember why I didn't normally buy it - now I know :-).
I love the idea of knitting in bed and getting a hot choc bought to me. Hmmm...wonder if I can get someone to do that for me?


Linda said...

I've forgotten now, but I think I thought life as I knew it then was over when they stopped publishing it. It was like I have my little routine going, that was how we lived before internet lol.

I did notice that it is published sometimes and have bought a couple I think, was wondering if there was a current one out, I think they did one for last winter.

I have been going through some of my old ones that I kept, and throwing out some and keeping some recipes. It was the recipes originally that I thought the family circle particularly good for, that made it a good read in the beginning.