Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love on a Tuesday Afternoon.

Time for a bit of baking.

It's been quite a while since I've baked something new. I really needed something to inspire me and then Donna Hay appeared in the Sunday morning paper. And suddenly I felt some inspiration hit.

She had a recipe for Melting Moments. My all time favourite biscuits. I've been known to pay up to $3.50 for one of these babies in an up market cafe. And who knew they were so easy to make?

The hardest part was making sure that all the bickies are the same size so you can "glue" them together with the icing. Oh yummy, yum yum......

Of course there is nothing better to go with a lovely home baked biscuit than a cup of cold milk and piles of Milo floating on top. It says on the tin its full of iron...so its actually really, really good for you.

And then Miss R who is learning to read and write at a rapid rate presented me with a little plaque for the kitchen. Never have letter tiles been put to a better use. All this love...I'm enjoying every moment.


Debbie said...

Love melting moments and yes they are so easy to make. It is so cute when kids are learning to spell and write :0) That one you can read some you have to work out what they are trying to say.

libby said...

That certainly was a lovely afternoon. I love melting moments but am definitely not game enough to make them - as I know I'd eat them all :-). But now that I know they're easy....

Michelle said...

oh yum! they look divine. My favourite too! MW

Michelle said...

Damn, I forgot to change my name in my profile... it's Michelle Number 2 here!!

The letter tiles are waaaaay too cute! If you need some baking inspiration, you should pop over to www.bakerella.com... so many good things to make. I'm dying to try out the Swirls and the Pudding Cups.

Pudding Cups: http://www.bakerella.com/pudding-cups/


I'm not sure my hips will like me too much though if I do ; )