Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dinner Parties versus Discos

One of my favourite things to do as grown up is to attend dinner parties. I quite happily made the change from spending Saturday nights on a noisy dancefloor to sitting sedately round a dinner table many years ago. I especially like to attend other people's dinner parties because you get all the fun with none of the work (until it's your turn of course).

My friend Natalie has the best dinner parties. We cancel almost any other event to attend a "do" at her place. Natalie aways has lashings of great food, the most divine wine and desserts that would make you cry with happiness. An added bonus is that most people attending chose to have their children at the same time we did and therefore the party also supplies endless entertainment for our 6 year old.

Autumn and Winter are prime dinner party seasons as it's just so nice to spend the evening around the table chatting with friends while the kids run amok in their jammies around the house. I'm almost inspired to host one myself soon.

I also love a dinner party where you're invited to stay for the night. So do the kids, who never seem to tire of each others company no matter how many hours they've been together.

These 2 girls (and their mothers) have known each other for many years now. Natalie and I even have the same taste in childrens clothes we discovered the next morning when the our girls went to get dressed.
If you have some good friends living nearby I highly recommend having a dinner party over the Winter months. It's a very nice way to pass a Saturday evening. (Thanks Natalie and Russell).


libby said...

HI Vanessa,

I love hosting dinner parties - not too sure I've ever been a guest at one - though I'm sure I have. I know I've never been to a sleepover party :-). Love the girls tops - I'd buy that for Christy if I saw it too. She's got a similar PJ top.


Sammy :0) said...

Hi Vanessa!

I really love reading your blog, I find myself checking yours and emmas @ a little crafty everyday...its almost as fun as getting mail (not the bills just the fun stuff)!

We have a group of four families that we try to get together with every 6 weeks, (mind you we do have a few very busy little bees who are NEVER available so that 6 weeks can sometimes be 3 monthly or 6 monthly) and we all have our strengths - for me I like to cook all the gourmet stuff liked stuffed chicken breast with wine cream sauce, proscuitto wrapped asparagus spears and crispy golden potatoes with rosemary, one of the other wives does fantastic roasts, the other does awesome banquet style meals and the other makes killer desserts!

Then we get together and play board games or buzz until 2 or 3am. Our houses are too small to accomodate sleepovers though!

wow another super long comment, maybe I should start a blog that just has my replies to other blog posts ;0)