Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Rhianna decided not to have a party this year and instead wanted to take two buddies up to Treetops Adventure Park on the Central Coast (NSW). What a great day we all had - despite the wind. If you have kids around the 5 and up age it's such a fantastic place to spend a few hours.

The girls geared up and beyond excited

The girls giggled and chatted all the way up there (1.5 hours) - now where did I put those ear plugs?????

And then we were there....... and ready to be kitted out.

Luckily Rhianna's two friends are not the nervous nellie types - it's straight onto the equipment and around the course.

This is probably the hardest challenge of the course - a "rock climb" wall.

The girls didn't mind stopping for some photos when they were on the easier parts of the course, like the swinging tunnel.

Resting on the platform between challenges

A few hours later and we're all ready for lunch. I had envisioned having a picnic at the Adventure Park but with the wind, we decided on the fast food option instead.

Back home again and the girls are ready for more - so it's some backyard monkey bars and trampolining till the parents arrive.

One of the little girls parents both work and as such I had not seen much of them around the school. We invited them in for a few drinks and nibblies when they turned up and enjoyed a few hours with some really funny and interesting people. Isn't it great how our kids find friends for us?

So, all in all a lovely day for the little people and us adults.

If you ever get the chance check Treetops Adventure Park out - it really is great.


Emma Clark Independent Stampin' Up!® demonstrator said...

Wow that looks like lots and lot of fun!!!!!!!
Glad you survived your first week of teaching!!

Em xx

Vanessa said...

Thanks Emma.