Saturday, October 9, 2010

Travel Diary - Day 2

After a very restful nights sleep we head off to a place about an hour south of Adelaide called Victor Harbour. It's supposed to be beautiful and we can't wait to explore. Rhianna is recovering from yesterdays activities and sleeps most of the way down there.

While Rhianna sleeps in the back, a bit of romance happens up front. And believe me, with the three of us sleeping in tents and small cabins, this is the only romance that happens all holiday.

We arrive at Victor Harbour and to say it is beautiful is a massive understatement.

This is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The foreshore is quite touristy with a carnival happening and an assortment of food vans but the scenery, beaches and views out to Granite Island are spectacular. And the weather is unbelievable.

About 500m off the shore is Granite Island. There is a walking bridge out to the island. Or you can climb aboard the horse drawn carriage and get pulled across by a Clydesdale horse. Here is Rhianna aboard the carriage looking out towards the island.

The island is lovely. It has plenty of walking trails around the island and is famous for it's fairy penguins which we see one or two off as we walk around the island.

Bill does a bit of horsing around.

There are some great rocks to climb for photo opportunities.

Then we walk back across the walk bridge for some fun at the carnival.
(Rhianna's idea - not ours).
Of course no trip to the carnival is complete without a ride on the ferris wheel.

After some lunch at the local cafe we head back to Adelaide and another late night of playing on jumping pillows, swimming in the pool and drinking some lovely Adelaide wine.

Another night in the Eco tent tonight before we head off tomorrow.


Debbie said...

There are lots of places in Australia that I would like to visit and that is one.

Libby said...

Love hearing about your trip. I remember being a Glen Elg - it was cold and wet but we still enjoyed a lovely sunset before heading for the nearest starbucks. Sounds like a great trip so far. My girls love the freedom and friend making potential of camp grounds. And the eco tent looks so cute.