Sunday, October 10, 2010

Travel Diary - Day 3

Today is a big car driving day. We leave Adelaide to head for Portland. Portland is a seaside town just across the state line on the Victorian coast. We have time to stop and have a little look at some of the towns along the way though.

And we are mindful of the fact that we have a very energetic 6 year old in the car who needs to have time to work off that excess energy (or we all suffer!)

First stop Menengie SA for some coffee and a playground break.

Next stop is the Big Lobster at Kingston SA. We are hoping to have some lobster for lunch as there is a restaurant here but alas we are a month too early for lobster.

A friend had told us about a great playground to visit at Warrnambool. We found it easily and boy, it was great. We spent a couple of hours here. This is just a part of it below. It was a great place for lunch and a play.

The playground at Warrnambool even had its own maze to work your way though - great fun.

This is Rhianna at the entrance of the maze.

Then across the pond we spotted flying foxes. One was far too scary - for any of us! But the other one was just right for little people. Here's Bill playing the work horse.

And off she goes. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo. I was miles away sitting in the sun and eating a chocolate choc chip muffin.

After Warnambool we stopped at a place called Allensford. There is not much at Allensford except for a fantastic place called Cheeseworld. A large factory and shop devoted to local cheeses and wines - Oh my God, it was my nirvana. Not many photos taken here as we were far too busy sampling (and buying)

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the car until we pulled up to our cabin at Portland which was lovely and located right on the beach.

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