Thursday, October 14, 2010

What a Week

Well hello everyone.

I've just finished my first week back at teaching and it was great. I have a lovely little Year One class full of some of the funniest little people you could ever hope to meet. For example, during the week I had to explain why I was wearing my husband's watch to school ( I don't own a watch) and one little boy asked incredulously, "Did somebody marry you?"

I tell you, they can bring you down to earth.....

The school I am at is quite small in comparison to some of the other schools I have taught at and I think this makes it a much nicer environment for the kids and the staff. The staff have been so welcoming with the Principal coming to see me every day to make sure there is nothing I need and that I am OK.

Align CenterI was initially quite tired in the early part of the week but I perked up by Thursday and for the first day this week didn't feel like falling in a heap when I walked through the front door. And a few of the other teachers have been so fabulous in finding me resources and helping me out with different things that I kinda feel like I've been there longer than a week.

That's not to say that I'd like to go back to work full time - I wouldn't. I really enjoy being a stay at home mum with all that goes with it :: baking, coffee mornings and the like. And with the Summer season almost upon us, we entertain quite a bit and I like to organise all that through the week and not at the last minute on a Friday night or a Saturday morning. No, no ,no that's far too stressy for the likes of me.

So,tomorrow I am off to the Central Coast with Rhianna and two of her little buddies for a bit of an early birthday celebration ( so not even a sleep in tomorrow for poor old me) . Then on Sunday it will be housework and shopping. If you could see the state of my house at the moment.....well truly, it would give you nightmares.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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