Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some New Loves

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I am doing a little bit of casual teaching at the moment and I have been a bit busy (not to mention tired) the past few days.

But I just thought I'd drop by to say hi and to show you some of my crafty goodness. Technically it's not mine, as in I did not make it, I just bought somebody else's wonderful talents.

Oh and also some vintage cuties from the States. Here we go.....

It won't be a surprise to most of you that I have bought another crochet item.

Yes, I am obsessed. I am especially loving afghans that are bordered in the cream wool. Like the one below. And really, with the dollar being so good in the US at the moment this afghan was so cheap I just could not resist.

This is a cute little granny square tote I picked up in a local shop. It's mass produced, not hand made but at $15 who cares? It's cute and it's colourful and more importantly it's crocheted.

This one is a hand made item from the UK. I love how big and colourful it is. I took it on holidays with me and it fits everything but the kitchen sink in it. I think I'll use it as a beach bag at Christmas.

And finally the vintage deers.

These are highly collectable and should appreciate in value ( Did you read that last bit Bill?)

I've done my research to find out the most valuable ones but I do only collect them if they are cute also.

These ones were made in Japan in the 1960's. This is one of the most important points as well as having the big eyes. Anyhow, Rhianna and I like them and when I fall off the perch hopefully Broc and Rhianna will make some money from them and won't sell them in a garage sale for 25 cents.

Thanks for dropping by - I'll try to post again on the weekend. Take care.


Libby said...

Love all the new items but esp the striped crochet bag (it looks like one of Lucy's from Attic 24). One day I'm going to try making one ....
And those deers are cute.


Vanessa said...

Yes I love Lucy's blog Libby