Monday, October 11, 2010

Travel Diary - Days 4 and 5

Two days spent travelling the Great Ocean Road along the Victorian coastline.

I have wanted to do this for such a long time. And I was not disappointed.

There is one main area near the Twelve Apostles to stop and view both the coastline and the Apostles. Nearby you can opt for a helicopter ride to view it all from the air. We bite the bullet and decide to splurge on the helicopter.

I'm a little nervous when I see it, as it looks so tiny and the pilot looks about 12 years old.

Here we are walking out to the helicopter. Notice how small it is? I mean, you can hardly see the thing behind that kid...oh, I mean the pilot.

All strapped in and microphoned.

Not an ounce of nerves for Miss Rhianna.

The coastline is spectacular. So much better than I even imagined.

And the helicopter ride is thrilling.

You can see how isolated the area is.

The famous 12 Apostles - of which only 8 remain.

The highlight of the trip.

We are already planning another trip there. So, so much fun.


Libby said...

So glad to hear you did the helicopter flight - that would have been awesome. Far too cold and wet and windy the day we went :-(. But we did get to fly over Ulura later on the same trip. There is certainly is something special about seeing these places from the air.


Vanessa said...

Oh absolutely Libby.