Thursday, January 27, 2011

26th, 27th and 28th January 2011

Well the last week of the holidays has been a looooong, slow one. It's been so incredibly hot here with temperatures in the 40's. We have alternated between hiding out in the air conditioned house and mucking around in the pool in the cool of the afternoon.

Australia Day Bill did some work in the morning and then we played in the pool with Rhianna all afternoon. Here she is in the pool with her free hat from the newsagency.

Inside we've been getting creative.

Today we did some science activities.

We decided to look at substances that do and don't dissolve in water. We started off with our instructions from the text book and some substances to test in water such as salt, gelatine, sugar, soil, vinegar and oil.

After hypothesising what might happen with each substance, Rhianna would combine the water and the product. Here she is adding gelatine to the water.

Some stirring then needed to be done.

Results were recorded.

She absolutely loved doing this. Must run in the genes as Bill has a highly technically job in chemicals. I don't think she even realised she was learning.

At the end Rhianna chose some other substances from the pantry to try - including baking powder, food colouring, cake decorations (!!!!) and glucose syrup. So much fun, no money had to leave my purse and she actually learnt something as an added bonus.

We are off for the weekend as our last hurrah for the Summer holidays. It's somewhere I've always wanted to stay after hearing rave recommendations about it from my friend Natalie. Will post pics on Monday.

Have a great weekend if you are reading this.

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