Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Weekend

We've been trying to get out a bit more as a family over the Christmas break.

This weekend we only had a small amount of time to fill in on Saturday morning as Rhianna was going on a sleep over (again) - she's hardly been home all holidays!!!!!

We decided to go bowling - we have never been together as a family. Bill told us on the way there that he hates bowling. How can anybody hate bowling we asked him? At the end of the games even he had to admit he'd had a good time.

No weekend is complete without some craft. This morning we made tiaras and wands. Rhianna made me promise I would wear mine all day - and I did. Then she was off for the night.


We had organised with the parents who were doing the sleepover that we would take the 2 girls out today. My plan was to get down to the Vintage markets at Cronulla.

We got to Cronulla but the markets were shut. Why was I the only person with a disappointed look on my face????

Nevermind, let's have some lunch instead.

And then maybe an hour (or 4) at the beach.
There is no such thing as too much water play when you are 7 years old. The girls came home and played for another hour in the pool.

What a fab day out. So happy to finally have some real Summer weather.
Such a pleasure to take these two girls out for the day :: not a whinge or a cross word between them all day.

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