Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monday 17th January 2011

Got up very early this morning to go for a walk with Bill and the puppy. It's such a lovely way to start the day. The air is cool, not many people about and a chance for Bill and I to really talk (without interruption). Not noticing much change in my weight but my mood is really good.

I am so sunburnt from yesterday (the photo below does not do the damage justice).

Well, I was expecting to be at the markets for hours, not on the beach!!!!!

The checkout lady gasped when she looked at me this morning. I hurried out of the shop in shame. Very, very bad Vanessa!!!!

I vowed to stay at home for the rest of the day.

What to do in this sort of weather????? Clean the bathroom. It was so bad.

I love, love, love it when it is this clean and tidy. It won't stay this way as bunches of little 7 year old girls use it to change into and out of wet costumes :: sigh!!

What else is new?????

This little cushion on my bed.

Twas a Christmas present.

The whole thing is handmade - the tree outline is silkscreened and the love heart detail is embroidered. So cute and looks adorable on the bed.

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping at Castle Hill and ran into an old girlfriend from school - Julie. We had lost contact a few years ago. After much hugging and catching up we organised a play date for our kids. She has a daughter the same age as Rhianna. (Don't you just love it when friends pop out age appropriate playmates for your kids???)

Had a fabulous day catching up at her new house in Kellyville (also love old friends who have a lovely pool to entertain said kids while we gossip).

Julie was looking fabulous as always, and said she had lost much weight by giving up sugar.

I tried to block my ears at this point in the conversation but no, she insisted I borrow the book and read it. Julie knows that I mainline chocolate when I am home alone and is truly trying to help. But the book talks about things like giving up chocolate, ice cream and wine. These are the 3 main staples of my diet (and it shows).

Is life worth living without those 3 things?????

I guess we'll see.


Libby said...

Ouch - that sunburn looks nasty. However, the bathroom looks great. I'm only just getting the girls used to hanging up their wet towels and cossies - we've been here 5 years!!!
I look forward to hearing about the book. Unfortunately I like both sweet and savoury things :-(.


Vanessa said...

Yes Libby, I don't think I can live without Lindt balls.LOL

Anonymous said...

I gave up wine last year and as a result lost 8 kilos!
But there is no way I am giving up quality chocolate.....

Vanessa said...

Oh giving up wine, I think I could handle that.