Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend in the City

We booked a last minute getaway into the city for the last weekend of the school holidays.

First stop on our weekend of fun was Centennial Park (Sydney) for a bit of bike riding fun.

We hired the bikes from inside the park. We started off with a tandem for Bill and Rhianna and a cruiser for me.

After a while we swapped to the two person pedal car with the child carrier on the front. This effectively meant that Bill and I did all the work while Rhianna got the free ride.

Pedaling this "bike" was hard work as it had no gears.
Boy could I feel it in my legs when I got off.

Centennial Park has great playgrounds so after the bikes we headed over to try out one of them.
I love a good turn on the swings.

As does Miss Rhianna

And there is nothing so much fun as having a contest to see who can swing the highest.....and then jump off. Ummm.....not me!!!

Lunch was at our favourite pub - The Lord Dudley in Paddington. Bill and I used to come here all the time but realised we had not been in at least 7 years. Too long, as the food is divine.

As we were in paddington we took Rhianna on a walking tour of where Daddy grew up. Bill lived in Paddington till he was 20 years old.

We showed Rhianna his old house and behind the house is Trumper Park where Bill and his gang of mates used to tear around and cause havoc.

This is the "swamp" they used to swim in. No wonder he never gets sick now - he must have developed the immunity of an ox swimming in this water.

Ahhhhh, check in at the Shangri-La at The Rocks. And straight down to the swimming pool.

After a cool off, we wrapped ourselves in the fluffy white robes for a bit of mini-bar fun and a marvel at the view.

We watched the Pacific Jewel sail out of the harbour and wondered if we should swap our trip to New York for another cruise?? Nah!

Bill has a rest before dinner.

After a walk through The Rocks we had dinner at The Australian Hotel. The food was awesome and there was so much of it. So much fun to sit outside and people watch especially on a Saturday night in Sydney.

After a beautiful nights sleep we headed over to Manly on Sunday for a walk around, a gelato and a look at the markets. The best part, as always, is the trip on the ferry.

It's just hard to be anything other than blissfully happy when you are out on the harbour.

We arrived home about 4pm and spent the last hours of the day having a final holiday swim in the pool. Feel totally refreshed and ready for the first term of school.

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Libby said...

What a lovely weekend you had. Good times indeed. And great to see you so many of the photos :-).