Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thursday 20th January 2011

Rhianna is away for 2 days at a sleepover so as you can imagine the house is suddenly very quiet.

It was a good chance to get stuck into some cleaning but I won't bore you with photos of that.

While I was cleaning Rhianna's room, I was thinking about how "green" kids are becoming these days.

In our family the kids....

Drink from reusable drink bottles and everybody knows not to bring a plastic (shop bought) water bottle into the house. These are evil and should be banned by now. But that topic in itself is another post.

No cling wrap in lunch boxes.

Only using the half flush on the toilet and during the night we let the "yellow mellow".

Turn off the tap when brushing teeth.

Recycle every bit of art and craft that goes through the house.

Turn off lights when we leave bedrooms.

Reuse packaging for craft activities.

We try to borrow rather than buy where possible.

Op shop clothes where possible. (Becoming increasingly difficult)

Take scraps out to the worms

Plant some of there own vegies - lettuces at the moment.

Not a bad start for us - but of course there is always room for improvement.

I think one of our goals for this year is walk to school at least once a week. (It's quite a way and almost all uphill.)

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Libby said...

Sounds like you're being productive while Rhianna is away. Love all the ways you live green. The only one we don't do is the toilet. I would, but kevin doesn't approve.