Thursday, March 17, 2011

All about Apples

A fantastic idea I found on the internet was making lapbooks.

A lapbook is a manilla folder opened up and then each side is folded into the centre to create a type of brochure.

As it is Autumn, R and I decided to create our first lapbook around the theme of apples.

The front of the folder

Inside the folder I tried to create one activity across each KLA (English, Maths, HSIE, science, art and PDHPE).

This is what the folder looks like when it is opened up.

On the right hand side you can see the art component which was a couple of different views of an apple made using felt pieces.

For PDHPE we googled "apples" to see what is actually in an apple that makes them so healthy.

Lots of water apparently.

For maths we made some playdough apples and cut them into halves and quarters and thirds and then did a fractions worksheet which we glued in.

We have English still to complete - Rhianna will do procedure writing and find an apple crumble recipe which we will then cook for Science - see how beautifully it all comes together.

On the weekend we are going to Bilpin to go apple picking for the HSIE part of the folder.

The lapbook will then be complete and can be something Rhianna has on her book shelf to revisit. She is already asking to start an Easter one. They would be good to make for holidays as well.

Google them on the net, the Americans do fantastic ones. (of course)


Debra K said...

Fantastic Vanessa, what a good idea, I might try and look at something like this for Kasey at Easter. Educational and fun for the kids. Thanks

Busy mum of 3 said...

OMG can I send my kids to your "home school". My daughter especially would worship the ground you walk on if learning was that fun and creative!