Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Away

There is nothing I like better than to get away for the weekend.

It's just so mentally refreshing to look at some sights that are different from the same old sights you look at every day.

This weekend I headed off with my BFF and her family to the coast for some last Summer frivolity.

We decided to stay at Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast.

We know from past experience on these weekends away that they can degenerate into a food and alcohol fest very quickly if we don't have planned activities to keep us focused.

So we drove straight to a place called The Entrance to hire some bikes to ride around the lakeside there.

Here are our two girls ready to go.

We cycled for approximately an hour and it was glorious. The weather was good, the bike path was nice and flat and the kids only whinged if you went close to them.

After bike riding, the food fest began with a picnic at a nearby park.

Luckily, Natalie had bought some plastic wine glasses so the drinking could begin. But only a small glass each as we still had to drive down to Terrigal from The Entrance.

Our group shot

The afternoon at Terrigal was beautiful. We quickly checked into the Crowne Inn Plaza and got the kids down to the beach for a swim. Then into the hotel pool. I don't have photos of this as I forgot to take my camera in the hurry to get to the surf.

After showers it was time for a relax, some nibblies and a few glasses of wine before we headed out for dinner.

Off our balcony was a courtyard with a giant chess board for the kids to play on as well as an area to run around in. What a godsend!!

I was a bit worried that we hadn't made a booking for dinner as Terrigal is a very popular weekend destination and there are not a heap of restaurants to chose from.

We ended up at a Thai place called N' Thai Sing. The food was fabulous, the service atrocious. Bill ended up having to go and complain about our meals which I think we had waited an hour for. The kids were starting to get hungry and tired and the place was packed and extremely noisy. We'll not be going back there again in a hurry.

Back to our room :: we had a lovely ocean view balcony to sit out on which we did to enjoy a little more wine and conversation while the kids kicked back on the beds and zoned out with technology.

Sunday morning was just as glorious as yesterday. Bill took the kids down to the pool while I got ready for the day. Breakfast was at a local cafe - again the service was very poor. Maybe we are just used to good Sydney service:)

When bellies were full we headed for the skillion. The skillion is an enormous hill jutting up into the sky from the local soccer field. Once at the top, the views up and down the coast are amazing.

Everybody headed up - some running, some ambling.

I had lie down at the bottom and waited for them all to get back.

I was still wrecked from bike riding and I have seen the view before!!!!!

A spot of local shopping and then we headed home. One of our best breaks away.


Libby said...

What a lovely weekend. Much as I love just going away with the family it's always nice to be with friends as well. I'm looking forward to Easter with our best friends.

Busy mum of 3 said...

Sounds like a great weekend, we must try and do some of that ourselves soon. I spent the weekend shovelling dirt!! And battling a cold! (groan!)