Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Sunday

It was so delicious to wake up to the dripping rain this morning. I love this Autumn weather. It really makes us sleep easier too as we didn't emerge from the bedroom till 9.30am. Sooooo nice!!

When I walked into the kitchen I spotted this sight on the kitchen bench and it just made me smile.

Those beautiful, last of the season strawberries, some lemons to make a new recipe this week, some freshly baked cookies in the jar and the most welcoming sight - the coffee pot.

Look at the colour of these strawberries.

This was our morning tea this morning :: some homemade Anzac biscuits.

Onto those apple recipes.

A nice easy one to begin with :: apple crumble.

Rhianna helped me to peel the apples. Boy, that took a while.

We put the apple slices into some sugared water to stew them.

While the apples stewed, we got into some creative work - a bit of rainy afternoon card making.

After the apples were finished I put them into a pyrex dish and set about making the crumble.

The recipe is from the 4 Ingredients book. So nice and easy.

The finished product :: enjoyed by all with some lovely creamy custard.

10 apples down - only about 100 more to get through.


Libby said...

Wasn't it nice to have the rain yesterday? Not too sure about today though :-). We had a jammie day yesterday and just hung out at home. Love that you do so many things with Rhainna. That apple crumble looks delicious.

Busy mum of 3 said...

Why can't we have food sent through cyber space!! Looks great, and made from scratch, doesn't get better than that!