Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Apple Fun

We headed to the other side of the mountains today to a place called Bilpin - famous for delicious apples.

Unfortunately we had only gotten to a place called Kurrajong when Miss Rhianna declared she felt ill and lost her breakfast on the side of the road :: a lovely way to start the day!!!

We decided to refuel her and popped into a local cafe for pancakes and fruit.

I had a little something myself. Well it seemed rude not to.

Ten minutes further up the road we are in Bilpin and easily find the orchard to pick some apples.

After full instructions we head off into the orchard with a basket to fill.

We are thrilled to find an apple that looks just like the storybook kind.

There are plenty of apples and they are so easy to pick. They are dropping off the trees.

We are allowed to eat as many as we like as we pick our basket full.

The basket is getting full and we still have to lug it back to get weighed. Luckily we had Bill with us.

Boxed up and in the car I think of all the apple recipes I know on the way home.

I think we'll be eating apples for a while.


Libby said...

How fun to go pick apples. I'd love to go do something like that. And don't you look so cute? :-)

Vanessa said...

thanks Libby

Allison said...

Fun! I cannot wait to go apple picking this year. I have to wait for about 5 more months. lol