Monday, March 14, 2011

The New Cubby House

We've been flicking through our craft books again now that the weather is cooling down a bit.

We've seen this type of cubby in a couple of books so we combined a couple of the ideas to create our own.

We already had an old plastic pic
nic table in the back shed. so we cleaned that up and bought it into the lounge room.

I bought some cheap laminated tablecloth cover for the feature walls ($20).

The other walls and curtains were made from an old checked flat sheet we no longer used

The whole project took just under 2 hours and about $20 all up.

Here's the inside view. You might remember the flooring as the first quilt I made using Rhianna's old clothes and the orange pillow is one Rhianna made during the school holidays at Christmas.

This is one totally home-made project.

I think I've got my crafting mojo back.


Busy mum of 3 said...

Very cool.They made something very similar on Better Homes & Gardens last week, so on the weekend the kids demanded a version of it, which involved nearly every blanket I owned being thrown over the dining table! They had fun. Love love love the idea of using the kids old clothes to make a blanket, I'll start saving fabrics from now on to make my own one day. Have you done a blog on making that quilt?

Libby said...

So cute. I'm sure it will provide hours of fun for Rhianna and her friends :-).