Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Beginning Part 2

A lot has happened in the past 6 months while I have been absent from blogger land. Most of it good, some not so good and some of it tragic. Rather than try and cover all the projects, cooking and events that I was involved with during that time I have decided to maybe just refer to past things as they relate to the here and now. Clear as mud.....alrighty then!

On the home front much has been happening. I am really into the Spring renovation mood at the moment and have decided to fiftify (Look, I just made up a new word) my kitchen a bit more by painting the cabinets.

Luckily my husband allows me these crazy flights of fancy and so off I went with my retro green and antique white paintbrushes.

This, unfortunately is my pantry. Tiny isn't it?

But now looking oh so retro.....

I've started, but not finished the kitchen cabinets.

I have a few health issues with my parents lately and just get done what I can when I can.

I am also onto a new craft project and it's a big one.

I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew here.

I decided to do something with some of my retro fabric stash. I'm going to make a queen sized quilt cover for my bed. Now I've never made one before so it will be a steep learning curve I'm sure.

Today after dropping Rhianna at school I got all my equipment out......

After much cutting, ironing and fluffing about I laid the squares out on my existing quilt cover to see what it was all going to look like. Well, firstly it looks nice which is a relief but I can foresee a lot of sewing coming up.

While I was still feeling a lot of love towards the project I packed it away to do a bit more another day.

We are off on the weekend to sunny Kiama. It's on the south coast of NSW and it's one of our favourite spots.

We recently purchased a camper trailer and this will be it's second outing. The photo below is of our first outing to Narrabeen on the North shore of Sydney where we went to catch up with one of my best friends who has just moved to Mona Vale.

So I shall not be back to blog until Monday at least. I've got a great, cheap and easy Christmas present that I made to share.


Debbie said...

Hope your weekend goes well.
Your kitchen does look very nice now and definitely fiftfied:0)
Looking for ward to seeing the christmas present you made.

Libby said...

The kitchen and quilt look great. Such a clever girl. Not sure if you'll get this or not but if you want to pop in for a visit on your way back from Kiama please give me a call (I'm pretty sure you've got my number). Funny that we passed through the Blue Mountains last weekend and this weekend you're passing through Wollongong.