Monday, November 21, 2011

Works In Progress or WIPS

I've finally got my creative mojo back which is kind of a good thing and kind of a bad thing.

The great stuff, is being creative - just so much fun, fun, fun. And fellow creatives out there will know exactly what I am talking about.

The bad bit is the lack of time to do all the fun stuff and still have time for all the dreary stuff like cleaning, cooking and interacting with other members of the human race.

No, there must be a balance.
At the moment I am painting the kitchen and trying to crumb fish for tonight's dinner. Not only is that not the kind of balance you need, It might also be slightly dangerous - like in a food poisoning kind of way.

Meanwhile my lovely retro fabric quilt cover keeps calling my name and begging me to work on her. But not today Josephine....

My glory box, that my Pop made for me when I was 15 wants a make over.

It's currently living in Miss Rhianna's room and is desperate for some colour.

I have such a lovely idea to spruce up this box but I just don't have time to make a start today.....

...because the kitchen reno has been started and must be completed.

Oh what a long drawn out mission this is turning out to be.

I am loving the results but all the painting that must take place. Truly, it's doing my head in.

But I can't stop now with half done and half undone. No, no, no, I. Must. Keep. Going.

I take the cupboard doors off and carry them out to our entertaining area where they get the painting once over, or in their case the twice over.

Have a look at the state of the entertaining area.

I think we have a Xmas party coming up soon and I still have to go into hospital for surgery before that.

How will I ever get this kitchen finished, recover from some medical slicing and dicing and organise a party in the next month????? onto a completed project.

The little Xmas craft project I mentioned last week.

I stole the idea from this kids craft book.

Truly, that's the level I am at skill wise.

They had some snazzy fabric book covers as a project for 8 year olds. Looked easy enough.

I covered some 2012 diaries for Miss R and I. Using all old scraps I already had lying around in the sewing box. Dead easy.

Just tucked and sewed the ends in.

And then the cover can be taken off and used on a 2013 diary.

So easy and only cost me $10 for the two diaries.

On the retail front I am trying to source a new rug for my loungeroom.

I'm thinking a nice creamy shagpile number. What do you think?

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