Saturday, November 26, 2011

Retro Lounging

Today was a quick trip down to Ikea to collect a new shagpile rug for my little retro loungeroom.

I really love this room because it's so cosy, especially at nightime and in Winter when we all snuggle on the lounge together.

The Christmas tree went up yesterday.

Next to that is an oil painting we bought in New York this year. Not at all retro but reminds us daily of the fantastic holiday we had there in June.

Some of my recent finds include this fabulous retro orange bowl which I found at a flea market while on holidays at my Mums' place.

I actually haggled, for the first time ever and got the lady on the stall to reduce the bowl from $30 to $15.

This tapestry was a vintage Etsy buy.

Now, I'm not saying I'm into bull fighting which of course I am totally not but these types of prints were prolific in the 60's and 70's and I adore the tapestry feel and the colours. It also stops the house from looking too feminine which it is always in danger of with me and Rhianna crafting away.

This very cute little footstool is from Ebay. Miss R uses this a lot to sit on and play with in the loungeroom.

Some of my retro glassware which at the moment is sharing space with the Christmas bits and pieces.

More retro vases which I've picked up in Op shops and the little canister with the lid is truly a retro piece from the 1970's. We keep the air conditioner remote in it as I hate remote controls lying around the loungeroom.

Little Finny loves the new rug. Maybe because he looks like he is made out of the same shagpile.

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Libby said...

Loved seeing round your "little retro house". So different to my quite modern one but so comfy and cosy looking. Love the dog on the rug - yep, he blends right in :-).