Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Away in Kiama

Our second weekend away in the new camper. I have to say that practice is making perfect as it took a lot less time to set up and put down the camper this time.

We stayed at the Big 4 at Kiama on Easts Beach. We have stayed here before so we are pretty familiar with the set up and amenities.

As well as being right on the beach, about 20 metres from our van, they also have a pool, tennis courts, playground etc. All very nice.

Rhianna took a little friend with her on this trip which was lovely for her. They had great fun trying out the new boogie board in the surf, making friends at the pool and setting up the hammock.

Umm girls, the idea is be OFF the ground.

Right next to our camper was the best fun the girls had all weekend - 'rockclimbing' on the retaining wall.

Sure, it looks dangerous but when you're stuck in a campervan with two eight year old girls all weekend, your definition of dangerous becomes very liberal.

Here is our little camper all set up and sitting very happily in the 28 degree sunshine.

The caravan park was almost full this weekend. We had a very lovely couple next to us who also had a little girl. She quickly made friends with my two and there was much rockclimbing happiness.

On Sunday, most people packed up and left which was fantastic as we felt we had the place to ourselves and played a few ball games and such on the lawn next to the camper.

In between times, I read magazines (of course)...

....and painted toenails. Just look at those little fat sausage toes will ya!!!!!

Bill took the girls off for a scenic walk around the coastline and onto the rock platforms. They were gone for hours and came back with lots of "treasure" - which I can tell you will be in the bin by Tuesday at the latest!

Sunday afternoon we had a catch up with one of my online friends, Libby from one of my favourite blogs: Life is a Journey not a Destination. She brought her lovely husband Kevin and her 2 girls Amy and Kristy with her.

Unfortunately the weather turned nasty in the afternoon and we didn't get to do too much besides watch the girls in the surf and huddle beneath the awning trying not to get wet.

Monday morning, the girls were very disappointed to be leaving . They dawdled over their breakfast and begged to stay another day. We might have been tempted if the weather was nicer.

But no, we packed up and headed home. All in all a very successful second camping trip.

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Libby said...

What a lovely weekend away. And I loved getting to meet you all, finally. It was a lovely end to our weekend, even in the rain :-).