Thursday, September 30, 2010

Around the House Today

We spent the whole day out yesterday with friends having a bit of fun at the park and lots of yummy eating at my friend Linda's house. After leaving Linda's we had a bit of retail therapy at the local shopping complex. We straggled in the door about 5.30pm completely exhausted.
So we dedicated today to a make and do day. Which means we have to stay at home and amuse ourselves and "make do" with whatever we have around.

Our course that meant a bit of crafty fun first up in the morning.......

I found an old jumper of Rhianna's so we started to sew up some hearts to hang. Why? Well you're definitely reading the wrong blog if you're asking why we do anything around here.

Here are the hearts all cut out and ready to be sewn up.

Here is our first one done and hanging on some tortured willow we got last week. We plan to hang some more crafty treasures on the branches throughout Spring.

This was our work area today. It was so beautiful outside that we decided to do some alfresco sewing. Miss R decided to paint a sign as well. All in all, a good mornings work.

Here is one of my newest vintage finds. Now I know this won't be to everybody's taste but we love it. It's a 1960's retro lamp set. It's a bit Day of the Triffids isn't it? But it's such good light to read, sew and knit by. These two seats are mine and Bills and where we sit after dinner to chat about the day.

And finally this afternoon I spent some time gardening in the front garden while Miss R rode up and down the street on her bike. Such a nice way to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

Tomorrow is going to be all about the housework as we leave for holidays on Sunday. As well as packing I need to make sure my 18 year old son and silly as a cut snake dog are going to have everything they need to survive while we are away. In other words, I'll be flat chat.

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Libby said...

LOVE the hearts. They are just too cute. Any chance of a tutorial?