Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cubbies, Cookies and Comforts
( I do love my alliteration!)

Today we got Rhianna's bloodwork back and it's all completely normal. Now, on the one hand I am pleased that it's not what we feared - Glandular Fever (or worse) but then again we have no idea why she is sleeping around the clock, running temperatures and lying on the lounge all day.

Urine tests to come back tomorrow - so will hold out to see what those tests show.

In the meantime we are bunkered down here at home. Today we've done a spot of cubby building. Rhianna and Finn are in there somewhere.

Then I baked some cookies while Rhianna had a sleep.

This morning we found this little card attached to a present on our doorstep (thanks Georgia and Michelle). The present was a frame making kit which of course Rhianna had to start on straight away.

After the frames were completed Rhianna selected some of her favourite pics from the photo album for me to stick up on the fridge. Doesn't it look colourful and cheery?

Of course there were other presents arriving at the house also.( Thanks Daddy) I think she's almost starting to enjoy this sickness business.

And a present for Mumma (thanks again Daddy!!!)

I'd also just like to thank Linda for all the phone chats :: Debbie for the hugs and DVD supplies :: Michelle and Georgia for doorway gifts that made a little person smile :: Libby for being Libby and Mrs Clarke ( Rhianna's teacher) for her calls to check up on her and the constant support.

And thanks to everybody else who has rung or emailed - it's really meant so much to me.


Libby said...

Here's hoping you get some answers soon. Must be starting to get worrisome for you all. Kids are resilient little things though and I'm sure she'll bounce back and be back to her normal self before you know it.


Emma Clark Independent Stampin' Up!® demonstrator said...

I am so sorry to hear that Miss R is still so unwell and so sorry that I have not contacted you sooner. If you need anything please let me know. There is definately something going around the class with lots of the kids away. Give Rhianna a big hug from Lili and I and I hope to see her beaming happy face very soon xx