Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Long Days at Home

Miss Rhianna is at this moment well and truly sick as a dog. She had her cousin over for a sleepover on Saturday night and when I had to take the cousin home in the middle of the night with a sky high temperature, I was sure Rhianna would be following suit soon after.

Unfortunately I was right.

This is now our second day lying on the lounge eating ice blocks, chugging panadol and watching the Disney channel.

Luckily, I've had plenty of time to organise a trip away.

After much internet research I've decided to combine two things that Bill and I have been busting to do since we met but have never got around to.

Bill really wants to do a long haul train trip. So I booked us into a Sydney to Adelaide sleeper on the Indian Pacific. It's only a 24 hour trip, because I'm sure that's about all I can handle on a train lying horizontal or in any other position.

From Adelaide we'll hire a car and do the adventure I've always wanted to do - driving the Great Ocean Road. Apparently the 12 apostles are crumbling at quite a rapid rate so I know I need to get down there soon before I miss my chance.

The best part of the whole deal ? - I've managed to book everything in the school holidays.

On the home front I've spent many hours on the lounge soothing hot foreheads, supplying icy poles and finding remotes under all the pillows and blankets. I've also managed to knit a few squares.

Out on the patio the craft cupboard was doing my head in. It looked so messy and all higgilty- piggilty :: so I whipped up a little curtain to hide everything. Dead easy and I am in love with the Amy Butler fabric.

Also did a spot of sewing. I've had this project to do all Winter and have finally gotten around to it in Spring.

I bought the hot water bottles at Big W but wanted to jazz them up a bit.

And no, I haven't learn to crochet. I just found an old granny square blanket at the markets and have cut it up to use the squares.

Little Miss R needs some more lemonade so must take off now. Hope you are all having more fun than me.


Sammy :0) said...

Wow your trip plan sounds wonderful :) I hope miss R feels better very soon, its horrible when the kids are sick and all you can do for them is wait and see...your curtain looks great and yes we must catch up
take care not to get sick yourself ness xxx

Rhianna said...
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Busy mum of 3 said...

Good to see you blogging again. I've driven the Great Ocean Rd it is magnificent, enjoy your trip. My daughter's school just had their fete, (the first in 17 years) and it was a huge success. So I know how much hard work goes into it. Good luck.

Vanessa said...

Thanks Busy Mum of 3. I am really looking forward to The GOR.

Libby said...

Hope Rhianna is feeling better today. Sounds like a wonderful trip you have planned. We loved the Great Ocean Road when we went 2 years ago.
Love the cupboard and hot water bottle covers - you are so clever and creative. And glad you're back to inspire me :-)