Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lounge Love

How many lounges does a family need?

Well, unless you live in a McMansion I'd say one, maybe two at the outside.

Now, not only do I not live in a mansion, we live in a quite small 3 bedroom cottage. And currently are the proud owners of four lounge settings.

How do we squeeze them all in and why in God's name do we own so many. Here's the lowdown....

Our oldest lounge is this yellow leather three seater bought when we did own a McMansion.

Now does duty as the poolside lounge. So great to be able to watch the kids swim and be comfortably horizontal drinking a cocktail at the same time.

Our first club lounge - and our truest lounge love. This is where Bill and I catch up at the end of the day with a red wine. It's far enough away from the TV that we can hear each other talk but it's still in the house if anybody needs us.

Our newest lounge lodger and our second club lounge is this little beauty. A real vintage 1930's number with little wooden cup holders at the end of each arm. So very clever and practical.

As you can see I am still loving the whole English thing.

When we purchased the above club lounge, we had to make room for it by moving the large brown leather lounge. It's seen better days but was not quite ready for the scrap heap yet, so out into the entertaining area it went.

We love to lie out here on Saturday and Sunday morning drinking coffee and reading the papers. And when we had a party recently, people that drank or ate too much could be accommodated in comfort till they recovered or the next morning - whichever came first.

So you see we really do need to be having four lounges. We are never short of a place to sit around here.

Have a happy day. I know I am.


Libby said...

Hi Vanessa,

I think if they're all be used and loved that there is nothing wrong with 4 lounges. We have our main suite (which we use ALL the time). Another 2 x 2 seaters (inherited from Mum & Dad) which is the family room and the girls use. We also have a sofa bed in the scrapbook room - used for sleepovers and the dogs fav. couch. So ours all get used on a daily basis. We also have a very casual suite by our pool which I use whenever I can.


Vanessa said...

Well there you go then Libby - I'm perfectly normal - or at least as crazy as you...