Monday, September 20, 2010

Latest Happenings @ Our Place

Little Miss R has been at home going on 5 school days now. Initially we thought she had the flu but as the days go on we fear it to be something more serious. Until we know what is wrong (Dr's appointment not till Wednesday) we are keeping her at home which is essential as she is lethargic and sleeping a lot.

Now, normally this kind of routine would send me into a tailspin but I am actually enjoying the chance of pace. In the morning we do a spot of reading, a few workbook sheets centred around some comprehension and maths. By then Rhianna usually needs to rest for a while so I get some chores done.

If she's up for it we'll go out to do a few errands but not much as any type of excess activity seems to exhaust her. Today a lovely package arrived in the mail from the UK for her. The most fabulous colouring in and drawing book I've every seen. Rhiannna was instantly in love and spent the remainder of the afternoon on the lounge colouring and drawing her little heart out.

She also unpacked some of the things I purchased from our craft stall at the fete. One of which was a cute little pencil roll made by a lovely lady called Michelle Rosetto. She is one lovely and talented lady who sews all sorts of fabulous things. I was so pleased I got to nab one of these lovelies. And the perfect gift to cheer up a sick little person.

A few weeks ago we found ourselves at a storage facility auction. Apparently some people put all their wordly goods into storage and then forget to pay their bill.

After notifying them, the storage facility sells all their goods at auction. The range of items is amazing. One of the things I picked up was this vintage typewriter for $1. Still in perfect working condition. Miss Rhianna, having never seen or used one before has had a ball winding paper in and out and learning to type the old fashioned way.

It's been another great way to pass the days.

Finn, our dog has also been great company for Rhianna. I think he actually senses she is ill as he has taken to sitting next to her on the lounge for most of the day. He has also endured being dressed up like a superhero in one of her jumpers. Look at that face. Says it all really doesn't it?

Finally, dinner tonight :: some fishcakes and chips which Broc kindly "masterchefed" for me. God love him.
Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the blood tests on Wednesday. Or I may be home schooling for a while. Have a great week everybody.


Libby said...

So sorry to hear that Rhianna is still unwell. Poor little thing. Sounds like she is being very spoilt and well loved :-). Love the colouring book - I remember seeing one on a UK blog a while back.
Dogs are the greatest aren't they? And what they put up from our kids :-).


Vanessa said...

Thanks for your kind words Libby. And yes, we do love our Finn.