Monday, September 27, 2010

School Holidays - Day 1

I count today as the official first day of the holidays as it's the first day Bill is back to work and I am nominated Chief Fun Maker.

I can't do anything fun though, until the kitchen is clean. The rest of the house can look like a spanish bull has gone through it, but I can't leave the house until the kitchen is clean and tidy.

Does anybody else have a funny little habit like this?

Oops :: spotted these bananas that need to be made into some banana bread pretty quick smart I'd say!!!

First stop today was some bowling. Found a great deal at a local bowling alley of 2 games, hot chips, drink and some game tokens for the pinball machines all included.

We love to bowl. We like the bumper bowling where no balls can go into the gully and we use the super light ball to make things easy.

After a quick stop in town for some musk essence and some craft supplies at Spotlight we got home in time for some candy making -( this is where the musk essence comes in.)

We love our Frankie magazine at this house and Rhianna spotted this recipe for musk sticks in a back issue last night. Who am I to say no to some candy cuteness?

Let's just say that they look easier to make than they were. But as we have a lot of leftover musk essence, we'll have a go at them another time. We managed to make about 10 good ones.
But we did have some laughs trying to get the nozzle on the piping bag to work properly.

A close up of the action.

We also dug out a hammock that some friends gave to us a few Christmases ago and used the monkey bars to string it up. Rhianna's been out there all afternoon swinging away in it with Finn (our dog). Has kept her amused for ages. I love it when you find something good for the kids to do - and it hasn't cost you anything.

Hope everybody has a good week.

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